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Speech: Appropriation Bill - Education

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (16:39): I have a number of questions for the Minister for Education and Training. Firstly, referring to a previous answer he gave a little earlier to the member for Port Adelaide, he said that all states have signed up to the independent schools model and that indeed that included Labor states.
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Speech: Essentials for Women

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (09:54): Today I would like to highlight to the House a very important campaign: the Essentials 4 Women Adelaide campaign. This campaign aims to provide homeless and disadvantaged women with basic but often very costly sanitary products and underwear.
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Matter of Public Importance: Higher Education


Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (15:16): In a week of chaos by this government, in a week of instability and, quite frankly, non-adult government, we have seen mea culpas come flowing about poor salesmanship and about not getting the message right, but what the government really need to do is actually start changing their policies, start listening.
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Matter of Public Importance: Abbott Government


Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (15:51): I think this matter of public importance has become even more important as we hear speaker after speaker not changing tack on the opposite side of the House. They are committed— absolutely committed—to their unfair budget. And whatever the Prime Minister says to get votes on that side of the House—that he has changed, that he has learnt, that he has listened—obviously those speaking on the MPI did not get the speaking points. Or, what I think is more likely to be true is that they have not learnt or listened and certainly have not changed.
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Speech: Higher Education and Research Reform Bill 2014 Second Reading


Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (19:58): Here we are again with this Higher Education and Research Reform Bill. It is just as bad as the first one—the Minister for Education has brought it back to the House after it was thoroughly defeated by the Senate. I am speaking against this bill because it continues to be unfair to students and prospective students looking to study at university, and it is bad policy for our country.
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Speech: Council Concessions Cuts


Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (21:00): I rise today to call upon the government to provide certainty to pensioners in South Australia and reverse their decision to axe funding that provides relief for concession card holders. I am extremely concerned about the impact that this cut will have on concession card holders in southern Adelaide. In last year’s horror budget the federal government axed the National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioner Concession Card and Seniors Card Holders.
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Alan Dutton

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (09:44): Today I wish to honour someone that did not necessarily make headlines in the newspaper or stories on the nightly news, but someone who worked diligently and persistently to assist hose in need in his local community. Someone who would always lend a hand to those in need and roll-up his sleeves to improve his community and indeed contribute to humanity. That person is Alan Dutton. pdfRead more.

90 Second Statement: Higher Education

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (13:36): Today we have seen another desperate attempt by the Minister for Education to revive or somehow get his higher education bill through the House. pdfRead More.


Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (16:52): It is important today that I rise to talk on the report from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment inquiry into TAFE and its operations, which was recently tabled by the committee. pdfRead More.

PMM: Trade Training Centers

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (11:13): I move: That this House: (1) recognises the critical role that Trade Training Centres (TTCs) play in introducing young people to vocational education at school and assisting them to achieve vocational education and training (VET) qualifications; pdfRead More.


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