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ADJ Debate: Forgotten Australians

I rise today to remember a very significant moment in the history of our nation's history. On 16 November 2009, thousands of Australians came together here in Parliament House to witness our former Prime Minister, the Hon. Kevin Rudd, deliver the national apology to the forgotten Australians and former child migrants. pdfRead More.

MRRT Repeal Bill

I am really pleased to be able to get the opportunity to speak on this, because of course the Liberal Party gagged the debate on this really important issue. It is disappointing that I have not heard from any of those on the other side give any commitment to the principle that the Australian people own the minerals in the ground. pdfRead More.

90 Second Statement: Sammy D Foundation

I rise today to congratulate a very deserved Australian, Natalie Cook, who won the Pride of Australia medal in the national Pride of Australia awards on the weekend. She along with her husband Neil have won this award in the category of Courage. pdfRead More.

Australian Jobs Bill 2013

I am very pleased to be speaking on the Australian Jobs Bill 2013, because I believe in actually boosting our manufacturing sector. I am disappointed to hear tonight that the opposition has decided not to support this bill; however, I am not surprised.

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Appropriation Bills Budget Speech

I am pleased to speak on the Appropriations Bill (No. 1) 013-2014 and cognate bills, and in particular the budget that was delivered by the Treasurer a couple of weeks ago. This is an important budget. It is a budget that sets this nation up for the future. What you see in this budget is an important focus on jobs and on making sure that we have an investment in the long term that will promote jobs.

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Constituency Statements Kingston Electorate: Anzac Day

April 25 is an extremely important day in our national calendar as we mark Anzac Day each year. It is a day to recognise the sacrifice of those defending our country and to commemorate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Local dawn services are an important feature of the day, giving the community an opportunity to pay their respects in their local communities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local RSLs, who worked hard to put on these local services in my electorate.

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Adjournment: Kingston electorate: Small Business

I would like to speak tonight, importantly, about the 13,500 small businesses in the southern Adelaide region in my electorate. These businesses—small businesses but also micro-businesses—do play an essential part in our local economy and local employment.

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Forced Adoption Speech

I am pleased to speak to the motion moved by the Attorney-General in the House of Representatives on Thursday, 21 March, to formally apologise for past practices and policies that forced the separation of mothers from their babies. These policies and practices are a shameful part of our past and resulted in such sadness, pain and suffering for so many mothers, fathers and children as well as brothers, sisters and extended family. I am pleased that the government and the parliament in a bipartisan way is taking responsibility and formally apologising for these practices. I hope that this apology will be a step in the healing process for many Australians who have had their children forcibly removed from them and for the children who grew up not knowing their parents.

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Tax Reform

I see this motion as an opportunity to debunk some of the myths put by the other side to our being a significant reforming government when it comes to tax. Our government has been working very hard to reform the tax system. In fact, many of the reforms that we have made have directly benefited people in my electorate, and they have particularly benefited low-income earners pdfRead More.

Southern Carer Support Centre

I went to a great event in my electorate on 28 February. It was the opening of the Southern Carers Support Centre. This was a very special occasion. We know that there are so many carers out there, 2.6 million, who put others' needs before their own pdfRead More.


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