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SPEECH: Veterans Health Care

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (12:10): I move:

That this House:

(1) notes that the Australian Medical Association's survey highlights that the freeze of the Repatriation Medical Fee Schedule (RMFS) is leading to some healthcare professionals no longer accepting Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) clients;

(2) recognises the negative impact that the DVA RMFS freeze has had on veterans accessing specialist medical care;

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SPEECH: Port Noarlunga Beach Sculpture

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (10:33): I rise today to acknowledge the efforts of the Port Noarlunga community in completing a new sculpture at Port Noarlunga beach. My electorate of Kingston is home to many beautiful beaches, including the very picturesque Port Noarlunga beach. Port Noarlunga is surrounded by a reef only 150 metres from the shore, which has made it a popular destination for diving, snorkelling and swimming. As a young child, I spent many summers on that beach, enjoying everything that it has to offer.

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SPEECH: Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Budget and Other Measures) Bill 2017

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (11:12): Today I rise to speak on the Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2017 and state from the outset that Labor will be supporting these measures. This bill contains three schedules which seek to undertake the legislative reform which underpins three elements of the 2017-18 Department of Veterans' Affairs budget.

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SPEECH: Medicare Budget 2017

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (10:00): Today I rise to talk about one element of this very unfair budget brought down by the coalition, and that is the continued refusal to reverse the Medicare indexation freeze. Residents in my electorate have been raising this as an issue for some time. They are telling me—and this is backed up by facts—that bulk-billing numbers are down in my electorate; out-of-pocket costs are up; it costs more to go and see a specialist; it costs more for vital tests and scans; and it costs more to visit allied health professionals. 

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SPEECH: Appropriation Bill (No.2) 2017-2018

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (16:02): I am glad that the government has finally turned up so that we can get this debate underway. Of course, if I were the government, I probably would be ducking and weaving from this debate, because we are debating the unfair budget that was delivered a couple of weeks ago. What this budget did is deliver a tax cut for millionaires and multinational companies, and it will make every ordinary Australian working person pay more. That is exactly what it did. It will make people who go to visit their doctor pay more. 

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SPEECH: Australian Education Amendment Bill

Ms RISHWORTH (Kinston) (18:45): I rise to speak in favour of the amendment and against this bill, the Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017. No matter how many times the Prime Minister says the words 'fairness' and 'Gonski 2.0', it does not mean that he is delivering true needs-based funding in our schools. If he were delivering true needs-based funding in our schools, then Aldinga Beach B-7 School would not be getting a cut, Braeview School R-7 in my electorate would not be getting a cut, Christie Downs Primary School in my electorate would not be getting a cut, Christies Beach High School would not be getting a cut and Christies Beach Primary School would not be getting a cut.

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SPEECH: Jobs Taskforce

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (11:25): Today I rise to discuss an issue I have raised many times in this place, and that is jobs for South Australia. In particular, I have been disappointed that the government has not announced a proper strategy for job creation when Holden leaves later this year. In lieu of the government actually doing the hard work on this, I have locally put together the Southern Jobs Taskforce. I recently held the first meeting in my electorate.

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Speech: Consideration of Senate Message, Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Digital Readiness and Other Measures) Bill 2017

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (11:32): I welcome the explanatory memorandum, which does clarify amendments made by the Senate. I would like to thank the Minister for Veterans' Affairs for his cooperation with this. As I have discussed previously, the Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Digital Readiness and Other Measures) Bill was looked at forensically. In particular, the bill went to the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. Through the process some concerns were raised, and these concerns continued to be raised during the discussion of this bill.

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Speech: Address-in-Reply

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (16:58): It does feel like some time ago that the 2016 election happened, but I have not until now been able to give my address-in-reply speech. While speaking about the 2016 election now may seem odd, it is very important for the completion of history that we document this incredibly important election. I am very pleased to be speaking today about the role that I want to play in this parliament going forward.

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Speech: Last Veterans' Mission to Korea

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (19:00): I rise today to speak about the last veterans' mission to Korea, to acknowledge the brave men and nurses who served in the Korean War. Often considered the forgotten war, the Korean War began five years after the Second World War and lasted three years in the defence of South Korea.

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